yes, that’s me. An artist, doing exhibitions. *bows* My name is Joanna Neary and I went to Art School for what might be a record-breaking SEVEN YEARS. And I’m still mulling over doing an MA after all that. Since graduating, I have kept on drawing and painting. I’ve had recent exhibitions with Artwave and have […]

Thank you in advance, for reading my post. I’m a bit tired after doing a show in the middle of nowhere last night, and not getting home till 2am. Edit button is defunct. I’m pleased to announce that I’m doing my stand up comedy show at The Stand this August. The shows start on 5th […]

My spring shows coming up:  DEVON: Saturday 7th May – solo comedy show WIFE ON EARTH Tinner’s Moon Festival, Ashburton Devon, you say? Tickets please! Sunday 8th May – children’s comedy show ‘STINKY MCFISH AND THE WORLD’S WORST WISH’  Tinner’s Moon Festival, Ashburton Might as well go to both shows in Devon. Give me a ticket EAST SUSSEX […]

Hello Eastbourne and East Sussex Subscribers! Just a quick one to say that we are starting up our comedy night at The Lamb Inn, High St, Eastbourne again regularly and tickets are now on sale for the first one of these, Saturday 28th May. Massive thank you to all our brilliant audiences who have joined […]

APRIL 2022 NEWSLETTER April 3rd, 2022 by

Helloooooooo and welcome back to my news desk! I hope all is well with you, thank you for sticking around. I don’t think I’ve done a news update since nothing much happened last time. I’ve been cooking from scratch a lot, planning some new things for you to see, and have tidied all the paper […]

School Run, Sweets And Swears. November 19th, 2021 by

A Family Portrait. School Run, Sweets and Swears. Laddie was livid this morning because I wouldn’t let him have sweets for breakfast. He punched a pillow and angrily muttered words that weren’t swearing because he knows that’d be overstepping the mark. He didn’t even use the D-word. Last week he asked if he could tell […]

Hello you lot. This year has been about getting back into being a theatrical-comedy horse with five different live shows packed into various suitcases and ready to go After weeks away from home, eating too much and washing too little, all I want for Christmas is some homemade hay and a newly-plaited tail. But first… […]

What’s in the news today? Ukrainian Soldiers, have been officially photographed training in high heels. Maybe it’s a PR Stunt. If so, it’s a good one because everyone’s noticed. Maybe it’s saying, “look at brave these soldiers are. Notice anything in particular? Ah ha! That’s right. High heels. Brave AND useless. Unless you need to […]

Nerf Guns June 24th, 2021 by

I love sketchbooks and draw every day. This is a little doodled sequence from an A6 one, which I always carry when I’m out and about.   Have you seen ‘Hook’? We quite enjoyed it. I thought the message to make the most of the young years was a good one. Cast were ace too.

New Track On Bandcamp available now for just £1. (TAKE ME TO ‘DEAR FRANK’) Who wouldn’t want a letter from this lovin’ clown? 📮 – warning – we did commas today, for home schooling, and now I can’t stop, using them. ‘Dear Frank, A Letter From Celia’ is a new character comedy, set in lockdown […]