yes, that’s me. An artist, doing exhibitions. *bows*

My name is Joanna Neary and I went to Art School for what might be a record-breaking SEVEN YEARS. And I’m still mulling over doing an MA after all that.

Since graduating, I have kept on drawing and painting. I’ve had recent exhibitions with Artwave and have another coming up in Brighton soon. If anyone would like to buy an original painting or commission something, please get in touch. I’m going to get some cards made soon.

Sketchbooks are important. It means we can find each other.

I once recognised a fellow Falmouth School Of Art And Design (which is what it was called when I was there, rosy cheeked and fresh out of Pool Comprehensive School, just 20 miles down the road in Redruth) on the train because she took out a sketchbook. In the late 1980’s, us art students were instructed by our Falmouth Tutors that sketchbooks were tremendously important and must be carried about everywhere with us, and preferably drawn in, and ALL OF US have been keeping a daily sketchbook about our person ever since.


Honestly, next time I see you, ask to see my sketchbook. I will have it on me, I’m lost without it. It’s like some kind of additional limb but less useful.

Celia will compere a show soon, my comedy and art collide.

Happily, for the last few years, I’ve been doing the odd illustration for people and things, starting with Sarah Millican’s Standard Issue online magazine and then Sarah’s Christmas Card, and since then, exhibitions. Here are some snaps from the one just gone. Coming up next – Atelier Brighton with Jonny Hannah and Friends. And my Celia character from my Wife On Earth Podcast and as heard on Radios 3, 4, 6, and TVs BBC and Ch4 might be making an appearance there as compere, with Jonny’s band The Postmen… watch this space… (or subscribe for the mailing list and you’ll be the first to hear. I love having a mailing list and I never bombard people with mail outs, I’m too busy dancing about and drawing. *twing*)


East Sussex, 20th Sept 2023