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Welcome to the official blog of Joanna Neary, where you can catch up on Jo’s bewildered world past, present and looming. Mainly, this blog consists of scanned pages from her sketchbook with a running commentary, dashed off between duties, work and other hobbies. As well as banging on about art, there’s also past gigs, and music, such as the one about being interviewed for Prog Magazine in 2019, which led to some delightful exchanges with fellow nerds. It was all very civil, even when Jo had to admit she’d got a Frank Zappa fact wrong.

yes, that’s me. An artist, doing exhibitions. *bows* My name is Joanna Neary and I went to Art School for what might be a record-breaking SEVEN YEARS. And I’m still mulling over doing an MA after all that. Since graduating, I have kept on drawing and painting. I’ve had recent exhibitions with Artwave and have […]

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