Eastbourne Comedy At The Lamb IS BACK! Tickets out now, 28th May 2022

Eastbourne Comedy At The Lamb IS BACK! Tickets out now, 28th May 2022

Hello Eastbourne and East Sussex Subscribers!

Just a quick one to say that we are starting up our comedy night at The Lamb Inn, High St, Eastbourne again regularly and tickets are now on sale for the first one of these, Saturday 28th May.

Massive thank you to all our brilliant audiences who have joined us for our stumble back to normality, with Robin Ince returning back in October, and Isy Suttie delighting everyone this January with her stand up and new book ‘Jane Is Trying’, it was wonderful to see so many of you back again. We will carry on keeping doors and windows open before and after the show, to help everyone feel nicely aired.

We are planning to do the show on the LAST SATURDAY OF EVERY MONTH (except August because I’m in Edinburgh and you’ll all be paddling in the sea I expect and maybe not October because that’ll be Halloween Eve and the pub might have a big costume party on, but we’ll do something that month I’m sure..)

We’re keeping numbers down still, to make everyone feel very comfortable but it does mean that booking in advance is a must. Hope to see you there!

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To summarise, the line up is

  • Andrew O’Neill, as seen on Never Mind The Buzzcocks, brilliant stand up and author of ‘The History Of Heavy Metal’.

  • Mr G Reaper, AKA Death, back at the Lamb Inn by popular demand, he can be glimpsed beforehand checking his scythe in the window reflection behind the washing machine in the back room.

  • Jo Neary trying out new stuff, including a short play with a cast of thousands.

  • Dyball & Kerr wit their cavalcade of original and startling characters, including the likes of Darren and Dean, the Football Fans (And Operetta Fans) of Kemptown’s Rainbow District and other apparitions besides.

    here’s what the ticket site says =

WE’RE BACK! Last Saturday of the month, kicking off this May with a wonderful line up, award-winning Occult Comedian Andrew O’Neill (Saxondale, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, author of A History Of Heavy Metal) joins the gang at The Lamb Inn for the first time. Andrew is brilliant. Anarchic, warm, hilarious, charming, just perfect for our bonkers night and we’re thrilled they can join us.

Plus the eagerly awaited return of Mr G Reaper AKA Death with his soothing words of wisdom and doom..

And as ever, regulars Dyball & Kerr with their astonishingly hilarious and recognisable character comedy based on everyone you’ve ever met in the Sussex area, and hostess Joanna Neary with her newest creations, World Premiering At The Lamb.

We are still running at a reduced capacity, to help people keep a distance and feel safe.

If it’s warm enough, we’ll keep the windows and door open, if it’s a bit breezy, we’ll pull the doors to during the show. We’ll have hand sanitiser for everyone and mask wearers are very welcome, do what feels best for you.

All acts will check they test negative for Covid before the show and as such we reserve the right to tweak the line ups accordingly, to keep everyone safe.

We’d very much appreciate you taking a test before coming out or staying away if you have symptoms, and in that case, we will give you free tickets for the next show if you have to miss this one.

Due to limited capacity, booking is essential.

Welcome back! Jo & Friends

Photo credit for Andrew O’Neill = Steve Brown

See you there, East Sussex friends!

X Jo