Helloooooooo and welcome back to my news desk!

I hope all is well with you, thank you for sticking around. I don’t think I’ve done a news update since nothing much happened last time. I’ve been cooking from scratch a lot, planning some new things for you to see, and have tidied all the paper for drawing and collage into organised boxes at long last, so new arty things will be on the way soon.

Latest news #1 = I’m doing Brighton Fringe Festival and Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year, with my solo comedy show. It’s more stand up and jokes and less theatrical pauses and wigs. I am so excited about trying new things.

Witterings #2 = Today I went down the allotment and trod on a nail but it only stuck into my shoe. After treading on a nail, I came home and someone on instagram had sent a reply ‘Nine Inch Nails’ and I thought, well what a coincidence, experiencing a nail, and then it being followed up with a further mention of a musical outfit of imagined nails.

I can still feel where the actual nail went into my shoe but happily it only left a red mark. My foot is in shock at the thought of the nail though, it’s slightly throbbing, unpleasantly.

It all started last night, when someone posted a picture of a rock t-shirt with ‘and you could have it all, my empire of dirt’ with a mouse on a skateboard looking pleased, and immediately Will Oldham sprang to mind, and Johnny Cash singing, so I said about it. In the end (I’m cutting this short because it’s getting silly) it turned out NOT to be ‘I See A Darkness’ written by W. Oldham and covered by J. Cash but HURT covered by J. Cash and written by the Nails. Somewhere there is a venn diagram explaining all this. It’s got me in the middle looking all confused and information that everyone else knows, in either circle.

Latest News #2 = As well as playing numerous characters including ‘a Julie Walters-esque maid’ (Audience member) in Philip Reeve’s (Mortal Engines, Pugs Of The Frozen North) and Brian Mitchell’s (Ministry of Biscuits) musical play ‘Lord God’ in Eastbourne and Sheppey recently, I’ve been doing my comedy show in a double bill with Ben Moor. I had a lovely time adding stand up to my menagerie of characters-based-on-real-people in Margate, and that’s the show in development that’s going to Edinburgh this August. In the meantime, if you’d like to see the show as a film for all the family, it’s just £5 to download. It was filmed by Go Faster Stripe in autumn 2021. It’s great. It really is.


FINALLY, here are the shows I’ve got coming up this month, it’d be lovely if you’d like to come along. The London one was postponed from December so it’s going to be a Christmassy one, which will be nice. So that’s Milton Keynes, London and Farsley, Yorkshire. Plus one April Lord God show in Sussex at the end of the month. MORE IN MAY…ta ra for now!

Comedy night gigs and shows for April 2022:

Wed 13th April – Screaming Blue Murder Comedy Night, Milton Keynes. Tickets

Sat 16th April – Comedy At The Constitutional, Farsley, Leeds. Tickets

Sun 17th April – Nine Lessons and Carols for Curious People – Easter Edition, King’s Place, London. Tickets

Sat 30th April – Lord God the Musical, Robertsbridge, Sussex. Tickets

This image is a doodle from my sketchbook of my family watching The Great Pottery Throw Down. It’s nice, that show, isn’t it? 


Just noticed ‘nine’ appeared again, as in inch nails and lessons and carols.