Here’s a run down of things Joanna has made, or been involved in, that you can take home if you’d like. Click each one for more info! (and mailing list is at the bottom of every page, subscribe to be the first to hear about such and such)

click here for the link to Go Faster Stripe

ok, something is amiss here, I’ve messed up my shop page. BUT here is a thing you can buy, it’s a download code for my WIFE ON EARTH show filmed in Brighton by the marvellous GO FASTER STRIPE. For just five pounds, you can get a download of the hour-long show, or write to me and I can post you one of these cardboard beauties, designed by Pete Fowler (of Monsterism fame) for a fiver plus a pound towards postage and packing. Whoop! It’s such a good show, I love it. Celia hosts a load of housewives trying to fundraise with a gang show. It ended up being Wasp In A Cardigan in Edinburgh Fringe 2022.