A dancing comedian. Broadcaster, Illustrator, The Redruth Nightingale.

Truly inventive and way beyond most bog standard stand-up. A genuinely original talent, who builds bonfires with the tired preconceptions of female stand-ups.”  – Johnny Vegas

At Falmouth School of Art and Brighton Poly, Joanna specialised in performance art/theatre. She was nominated for Best Newcomer Comedy Award at Edinburgh Fringe, won a couple of best character comedy act awards, had a baby and was nominated for Best Show at Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival in 2016. Edinburgh Fringe and beyond;

1997 The Agent with Julie Nash, directed by Nicholas Quirke, by Brian Mitchell & Joseph Nixon. Marco’s Leisure Centre 1pm. 

2001 Comedy Dairy / Peg Bird VS Sean Hard, Komedia Southside

2003 Take This And Shove It with David Mounfield and Brian Mitchell at Underbelly. 

2004 Joanna Neary Is Not Feeling Herself

2005 Joanna Neary is Pans Person

2007 Little Moments

2008 Magic Hole

(2005 – 2010 TV stuff and radio)

2011 Youth Club

2015 Faceful Of Issues

2017 Joanna Neary Does Animals And Men

2019 – Wife On Earth

2019 – current – Stinky McFish And the World’s Worst Wish

2022 – current – Wasp In A Cardigan

2020 – current – Booktalkbooktalkbook with Ben Moor


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