Joanna Neary: Wasp In A Cardigan | Edinburgh Fringe Show 2022

Joanna Neary: Wasp In A Cardigan | Edinburgh Fringe Show 2022

Thank you in advance, for reading my post. I’m a bit tired after doing a show in the middle of nowhere last night, and not getting home till 2am. Edit button is defunct.

I’m pleased to announce that I’m doing my stand up comedy show at The Stand this August. The shows start on 5th August and continue until the 28th, with a day off on the 15th. There’s a preview show on the 4th which is bound to be a lark and the tickets for that one are cheaper, I think.

The show is called Joanna Neary: Wasp In A Cardigan and features many of my alter-egos, being charming and annoyed, sometimes simultaneously, whatever’s the most fun.

You can get tickets HERE and please feel free to bring your friends, I promise we’ll have an excellent time.

In the meantime, for virtual entertainment, for the lead up to the shows, and including the time in Edinburgh I’m doing a silly daily drawing challenge on social media for 100 days. I’ve created the hashtag #100DaysOfFringeFun so have a look if you fancy. To join in, follow me on instagram or twitter so you’ll see the daily prompt and then post your Edinburgh Fringe inspired drawing using the hashtag, so I get to see it too. Feel free to use it to share shows that you’ve seen or done in Edinburgh’s past, or have coming up this year. I’d love to see your sketches and stories.

Once we’re in Edinburgh, we’ll be organising sketch drawing groups, competitions and live drawing events, with the chance to win a commissioned portrait, to raise money for charity. More on that sooooonnnn!

Prompt for Day 23 is POTATO

Today is Day 23 and I’m going to be doing the prompt ‘Potato’ you can see the drawing later on today on instagram and twitter. I haven’t done it yet.

Jo x