Wish I’d thought of being a style youtuber, but I’d just sound sarcastic and I can hardly be arsed to do more than wash my face.

I need to knit a hat with ‘I am reading’ written on it, but at the same time, I don’t want to miss out on the whirlwind doings of a Boy Who Smells Of Strawberry Jam and the Robin that seems to have a life of it’s own, apparently.

(I was reading one of her books and now it’s my nickname. What a boring one. Made me laugh for that very reason) And check out his imaginative way of getting away with a rude gesture. Dix pointes.

SHOCK SURPRISE, PRIMARY SCHOOL ORGANISES ANOTHER FUNDRAISER.  A disco with hot dogs and squash at the hatch. It’s a tradition. (Hopefully this post has enough commas for everyone, what with the current Missing Oxford Comma debacle on the Brexit Fifty Pee. If anything, there’s too many commas, it’s like I’m trying to overcompensate due to […]

Attention. The first episode was supposed to include a recipe for sago pudding, but it got mislaid in the library. If found please pop through the letterbox at 169 Acacia Avenue, Lower Upping, Toxborough, CT16 4NL.

Family Call Back on the word ‘Cacophony’. Does it mean ‘The Sound Of Poo’ in French?

I am fascinated by faces. I love it when someone looks furious with their face in repose.

In which I attempt to promote a night coming up, plan to read some more PG Wodehouse in connection with said night, realise I got rid of the Wooster ones in the clear out of 2019, share some thoughts, which might mean very little to anyone but me, display my Christmas gifts like a proud lion at a car boot sale and fail to end with a joke. 

Looking I just love sculpture. I am rubbish at it but I love the process and other peoples work. In particular, sculptors drawings. See Barbara Hepworth’s hospital drawings for starters. Soon I’m going to take my family to see the David Nash at The Towner in Eastbourne and then put them through an Art Foundation […]

I do like to help spiders usually. The other day I karate chopped a spider web because a butterfly had just flown into it. The spider looked livid. Like the bite on my leg.