Sketches on Housework, Parenthood and Doing Shows In Spite Of Both.

Sketches on Housework, Parenthood and Doing Shows In Spite Of Both.

1. Clearing Out Clutter (JourNey Method)

I decide to stick paper things that have no monetary value in my sketchbook and doodle on them, with mixed results. This is my huge clutter clear out. I’ve asked the question ‘do I use this?’ and found the answer ‘yes, I could’. Result is, you can’t tell I’ve had a clear out.

door and postcard

Me Cuddling Mr Tiny. He Hated This Sentimental Doodle

Here is a top flap. It’s the JoNeary JourNey school of tidying.

october 2019 sketchbook2

Three Types Of Door As Suggested by Mr Tiny

doodling on fabric

Mr Tiny, Dusting

JourNey says, try doodling on fabric you’ve sprayed ink onto. It doesn’t work but it’s fun to try, it’s about the JourNey.

october 2019 sketchbook2_0001

A Rejected Splat By A Child. But Wait. 

What JourNey is doing here is an ancient tried and tested starting point for a doodle, working on top of a pre-existing mark or series of marks, as practiced since the Dawn Of Man and popularised by the Surrealists (they even had a special name for it).

Perhaps, JourNey could put a video of this on youtube and pretend it’s their idea, as is a tradition of YouTubers. The other day, JourNey watched a video, open mouthed in disbelief, about transitioning your wardrobe in to Autumn, which was a 20 minute video in which a glamorous French Woman talked about wearing a scarf, thicker jumper and tights. Here’s what happened after watching a video about clearing clutter.


Let’s get back to the Surrealists. Here’s Anthony Penrose, son of Rowland Penrose and Lee Miller.

anthony penrose

Guide to My Desk. Two fishing nets propped up behind computer screen, Alice Patullo’s screen printed Dresden Dogs ( I love Alice’s work) on top of a 1940’s cardboard cupboard, large piles of paper, folders for projects, a puppet of a fairy and a hand printed apron hanging on the wall by Jonny Hannah.

Here are Jonny Hannah’s royal mail stamps. I bought a huge quantity of them. I also discovered, in my JourNey Method of tidying, that I own an entire drawer and a bit of over flow, of LETTER WRITING MATERIALS.

If you’re a friend of mine, it’s very likely you’ll get a letter from me soon, so I can use it all up. Then I can buy a simple wodge ( or ‘ream’) of paper and use my envelope template to make my own.

october 2019 sketchbook2_0002

Brilliant human and comedian Bridget Christie did a show in 2006 about The Cheese Roll at Cooper’s Hill, called The Cheese Roll. 

When we got home, Mr Tiny drew what he wants for Christmas, so I drew him, instead of doing any housework.

arlo drawings a harpoon

How To Poo.

Two days later, Mr Tiny had trouble pooing. So I told him to drink more water and eat more fruit for fibre in the morning and to just. go. to. sleep.

poo set up

The next morning he woke me up with a cod-scientific update.

poo morning

6am ‘I did a poo mum. The water helped to FLUSH it, the pear helped to SQUASH it and the banana STAYED IN SHAPE and PUSHED it.’

So now we know how fibre works.

Politics, Parents and Posh People

I used my large pile of boxes bought from Clarins on my face. It took so long, and made such little difference, that I felt a bit cheated. I could have been drawing, writing or singing, but now I own it all, I have to use it up, because of the JourNey Method. So after our trip to Bridlington, instead of needless pampering or mindlessly counting how many occasional tables I could find in one room, I angrily sketched these unsatisfying and unrelated sights.

flaming treasure island

Trying To Rehearse in Flaming Treasure Island, A Yamping Enclosure for Stinky Children 

The next day, the fishing nets on the desk got put into action, in my last minute rehearsed children’s show at Brighton’s Komedia.

brighton days

Let’s finish this post with a collection of doodles, combining trivial family activities with an undercurrent of political affairs. I am exploring how I feel about politics and the type of people who want to be in charge, but not at all thoroughly. It’s fair to say politics doesn’t inspire me but bums in the air does.

Bums In The Air


Not Sure How I Feel. 

swimming after monet

After Monet. My Water Lily. Spot the bum.  

Also, I squashed a spider thinking it was the mosquito that had bitten me on the leg and back, causing horrific painful hot swelling, but then my friend Heather told me it could have been a spider bite, so I take my apology back.

neolithic politicNeolithic Politithic Teenage-Like Musings.

I do like to help spiders usually. The other day I karate chopped a spider web because a butterfly had just flown into it. The spider looked livid. Like the bite on my leg.

Coming soon – LOOKING. (At things that aren’t there)