Finding things to draw, December 2019 – January 2020 so far.

Finding things to draw, December 2019 – January 2020 so far.

Apropos Of Nowt

I kept on going, trying to draw each day, even though, when things are happening, we’re all too busy living. Some gaps because my diary has many uses, not all for public display… and what shall I rename my family show? I don’t think The Crab Prince is descriptive of how bats and fun and daft it is. And the puppets are so lovely…

sketchbook jan 2020_0001

Making up for feeling old etc by getting the anz

sketchbook jan 2020_0002

Family Call Back on the word ‘Cacophony’. Does it mean ‘The Sound Of Poo’ in French?

sketchbook jan 2020_0003

I get how comforting it is to watch Youtubers calming our anxiety with simplicity and filters, but it’s also hilarious.

sketchbook jan 2020_0004

The walk to Redruth in Cornwall reminds me of walking to work at the Fruit Market aged fifteen, and working out equations to pass the time.

sketchbook jan 2020_0005

One of those days where I’m too busy to draw. But getting hungover on the 31st meant an early night that night. Doh.

sketchbook jan 2020_0006

A huge reindeer shaped pasty. It was about two foot tall. I ran out of startling ideas for some reason

sketchbook jan 2020_0007

One of the oldest members of my family, and one of the youngest. I loved Irish Coffee, it’s like HOT BAILEYS.

sketchbook jan 2020_0008

Happy New Year 2020. I don’t really do New Year’s Resolutions, we’re all self evaluating enough as it is, aren’t we? I am.

sketchbook jan 2020_0009

if you draw with pale blue pencil, and a bit in red, then put a red bit of acetate over it, the red disappears and the blue becomes dark purple. It’s a nice way of revealing secret messages. We went to the woods, Illogan woods to Portreath. Heaven, like Lord Of The Rings land (not Mordor, the nice bit)

sketchbook jan 2020_0010

Watched Es Devlin’s Tedx talk and had mulled wine. Miracle Theatre’s show was very entertaining, it was a special less noisy show but I liked how we were allowed move about if needs be. More theatre should be like that, it was relaxing. Loved the performers, and my teenage hero Keri Jessiman was fab.

sketchbook jan 2020_0011

Had a day of feeling furious. Decided to commence a booze break. There is trouble on the globe

sketchbook jan 2020_0012

I love how PG Wodehouse describes his characters almost solely from how other characters feel about them. I imagine Gussie Fink Nottle has red hair and sticking out teeth but he doesn’t say it.

sketchbook jan 2020

My son is very taken with Tintin. Or is it Tin Tin? And he got a penknife for Christmas.

sketchbook jan 2020_0014

I feel like the title of my children’s show isn’t exciting enough. How about ‘Crabby McCrabFace, Prince of Whales’. Or ‘Prince Of Whales And The Kiss Of Doom’. It’s a take on Frog Prince, but a crab. Any ideas gratefully received. ‘Stinky McPinch, The World’s Worse Prince’.