Miserable Aging Faces and Looking On The Bright Side

Miserable Aging Faces and Looking On The Bright Side

Chapter One

In which my nearest and dearest gets two pages in my sketchbook because the recent Son Entries have made him slightly jealous, a video of crowds at a funeral and imagining being at the back trying to reach a friend who’s at the front, another plug for the Comedy Night At The Lamb, packing props for the show and explanation of miserable expression on what’s meant to be a loving day out.

27th dec diary 2019_0009

I am fascinated by faces. I love it when someone looks furious with their face in repose. But I’m a bit concerned that my face is going to start looking pinched due to annoyed thoughts. When you’re young and you look grumpy, it’s a bit goth, bit grunge, bit cool, still cute. But when you get older, lawks. My best friend’s ex husband looked permanently startled. Get me to do an impression if we meet. It’s such fun to do.

I can’t spell the name of the person whose funeral it was, off the top of my head, but if you follow the news, you’ll know who it is. I could have googled it, but I’ve chosen not to. It feels wrong to be honest, we ended up pretending to be looking for a friend in a nine mile long crowd and it was like a sketch. But it was still a funeral so, respect.

30%  miserable? Must remember to ask why sometime. We were having the best day. Lewes, Cafe, not working, laughing. Must try harder.

27th dec diary 2019_0010

that was the new phone I got, which I hated so much. I ended up shouting ‘oh eff off, you effer’ and threw it onto the bed and went back to scanning my drawings. That fricking Google assistant, there like a bad smell everytime my back was turned. This was the final straw

‘I can’t stand it anymore. It keeps notifying me and it feels like I’m being bullied’.

‘You can turn the notifications off’

‘I did! I pressed the button that said ‘turn off all notifications’ and it didn’t work’

‘ah, that won’t do it’.

‘wow. So ‘turn off all notifications’ doesn’t work?’

‘No, you have to do this, look’.

(Works like an unpaid factory worker on my phone for at least 3 precious minutes, during which time I could have been drinking tea, or getting an idea for something)

‘I am so sorry. I cannot cope with this phone. Please can you reinstall my old one that hardly works? I’m spent 5 hours on my only free day this week, being bullied by google. They want everything from me and I can’t take it anymore.’

So he reinstalled my old rubbish phone and I have never been more happy to see that little face glowing at me, with all notifications off for all time. Then I went too far and turned off all cookies, so then websites didn”t work properly and I had to change it back. But it was still less intrusive that that flaming google. Am I addicted to apple? Are you? Help me.

Comedy tonight at The Lamb Inn, Eastbourne, tonight.

Earlier I was kneeling in the hallway with my head in the understairs cupboard, on my own muttering ‘right, all I need now is the dollie’s head and my dunce’s hat’.

It’s going to be a great night. 7.30 start.

Tickets available at the door.

New Website coming

What do you think? Neary News or Blogs for a logo?


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Looking on the bright side… I am now grateful for my old knackered phone and will never laugh cruelly as it falls to the floor again. Also, Liza Brown is taking photos tonight so I’ll do a post about the night soon.