No Running, No Heelies, No Gum/Sweets.

No Running, No Heelies, No Gum/Sweets.


A disco with hot dogs and squash at the hatch. It’s a tradition.

(Hopefully this post has enough commas for everyone, what with the current Missing Oxford Comma debacle on the Brexit Fifty Pee. If anything, there’s too many commas, it’s like I’m trying to overcompensate due to British shame or something. But actually, I’ve only done 48% more commas than usual. So, as we all agree, nowhere near half, doesn’t count, and nothing to worry about. if only it’s been a resounding 52%, we’d be in no doubt that we have at least the correct number of punctuation marks, if anything, an overflow. I’ll end it here. I need to get out. Apparently – comma – we all do).

disco sketchbook jan 2020

disco sketchbook jan 2020_0001

disco sketchbook jan 2020_0002

disco sketchbook jan 2020_0003

disco sketchbook jan 2020_0004

disco sketchbook jan 2020_0005

My son and his best friend wanted to dance to the Beatles. I asked for them and was met with a blank stare. Maybe the DJ hadn’t heard of them. Perhaps the DJ couldn’t hear me? Possibly, he’d ruined his hearing by blasting his ears with shit music. The other record request was for Cab Calloway.

I decided to draw this little episode because I have really nice colouring pencils* and I’ve been on lots of train journeys lately. I hope you can see it ok on your tiny devices. The colours are better in real life, ask to see if it you see me, as my scanner is a bit up the swanny. Love Jo.

  • = Faber Castell, Polychromos. They blend really nicely, you can get very dense coverage, you can even mix them with baby oil apparently and they don’t shatter all the way up if you drop them. I love these pencils so much that I never have dropped one. Here they are
  • IMG_0094

    This pencil case was free with a Datsun Sunny in the 1970s I’d guess, and I love it. It doesn’t have enough loops for the pencils but they do stay in with the velcro fastening. The rubber is a pretend 1980s lipstick but it’s a great design, as the plastic tube keeps the rubber clean. The tiny leather case is a very fine container for the brass pencil sharpener with three adjustable settings for varying sharpness. The putty rubber is pretty grotty but have you seen how much they cost now? I’m not buying a new one, I’m not the queen. The yellow is getting a bit short as it’s my favourite colour and supreme for mixing.

Next time – Belfast visit. Plus Bristol and Coventry Art Galleries and Museums. Comma.