2019 Drawings so far

I’ve done some drawings in response to Marie Kondo’s technique on Netflix…

The rest is the rammel I’ve been sorting, after Kondo-ing my drawers.

Does this spark joy for you?

Or do you think I must be a hoarder?

Some of this stuff is from the Riot Grrrl days… (sticker by Bikini Kill circa 1992. Gave my other one to my friend Josie).

Here’s a guide of the images below in case my mum’s interested.

The hand made letter writing paper features me in the corner, and a sketch of Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys in the early days. I was so pleased with this, that I never used it.

There’s Pevensey Castle on a Wills’s Cigarette card.


I think this is a photo of a boat being towed through the streets in Mousehole, Cornwall. I love this. Cut it out of a Sunday Supplement and saved but not got the photographer credit, sorry…

Kenny Everett! He was so brilliant and beautiful, I can’t be offended by this.

My first design for a woolly hat.

I thought Kevin from Truman’s Water might like this cigarette card, but never got round to handing it to him.

Sketches from my first school book, mainly Christmas designs to me from me.

And a favourite page from Lucy Nicol’s great book about mental health ‘A Series of Unfortunate Stereotypes’ which I was lucky enough to do sketches for, as well as the audio book. When we got to recording the bit about jumping on a doll, to make the head ping across the room, I had to start again because I was laughing. That’s available on Amazon.

Wallpaper from the early 1950s on a neighbours house. These houses were built after WW2 and this lady’s house was lived in by just her from then until very recently. It’s very complex if this is printed one colour at a time. There’s at least 2 colours (can’t be bothered to count them again).

More drawers cleared out soon.

Good luck with yours. Let me know any tips you’ve discovered. I originally watched the Marie Kondo series so I could laugh at it, but instead, I ended up doing it. How about you?

Also, we’re meant to call it ‘The MariKon Method’. Or is it KonMari? Genuine mistake, it’s just not catchy.

I much prefer the verb ‘to kondo’. I kondo, you kondo, we all kondo’ Charity Shops are getting GREAT.