Observational And Non Observational 

Here are some pen tests and sketches I’ve been doing, plus a bonus shot of my Datsun Sunny pencil case which was 50p in a charity shop in Oldham. That’s  someone else’s oil on it and I kept that tea stain for sentimental reasons (in other words, I’ve got better things to do, like trying my dip pen with green ink and filing away a sticker from Brighton Club The Gloucester circa 1990 and thinking that constitutes housework).

I’m currently interested in the root of creativity and clearing out my drawers. Catching hold of a new idea before it wafts to one side. Getting rid of my two ply before changing my mind and  reinstating it from the charity pile to the Craft Fun Time Collage Box.  How I suspect the things we don’t highlight are much more interesting than the things we choose to reveal as we mistakenly think the former obvious and boring. I’d like to ask someone who draws cheekbones on, what they do that reminds them of being 8, for instance. Or how many pairs of jeans they think one person needs for a lifetime. Maybe that’s just me. Maybe why that’s why it’s best I don’t do observational comedy.