Creative Beast Podcast

Creative Challenges So Far…

My creative challenge today, is uploading images to this flaming page. It’d be quicker to invite you, one by one for tea, to have a look at my sketchbook at your leisure. Anyway.

Heather Minor and me have been having great fun doing our first ever podcast. It’s about creativity, how we pursue this, sometimes in spite of what’s going on in our lives. We are interested in what drives us, how different practitioners work and how people get over bumps and hurdles. It’s been wonderful hearing from some great friends – so far, all based in Beautiful Brighton, UK, about how they work. Join in with our creative challenges if you like, we’re currently doing a puppet challenge with Daisy Jordan and drawing famous people or friends in the style of Minnie the Minx or Dennis the Menace, our challenge set by beat nut Jerry Rulf.

If you can bothered to click on this link, it’s a picture by me, of Kate Bush running off with a cake.

cake bush

There’s no deadline, we’d love to see what you do. Links to our Instagram (where you can see the contributions if you like), Facebook, Twitter and shows so far are all here at Creative Beast.