Screen Time, Use Less, Yoga At Home And Shabby Shit. Doodle Daily – 7th Feb 2019

Interesting article in the Guardian today. I usually avoid the papers, I can’t remember why I was distracted into reading this today. It’s about children and screen time, and it’s sort of common sense. 

7th feb 2019_0005

The Green Cross Code Man didn’t ADVISE anyone, nor did tyrannical Tufty. They told us exactly what to do.

7th feb 2019_0002

Use Less, it’s USE LESS! It’s my new thing all about buying less and using less. But that looks like ‘useless’. This amuses me on Youtube. There are lifestyle channels that say they are useless. Haha.

The stupid things we do in our own homes, like trying to do exercise with an audience.

7th feb 2019

Doing Yoga at home. Padler watches me while trying on his new crash helmet.

7th feb 2019_0001
Shabby Shit, I mean chic. Chic.