6th of February Sketches – 2019, 2013, 1999

6th of February Sketches – 2019, 2013, 1999

6th feb 2019

I thought Tony Hart lived at TV Centre, up the corridor from The Beatles. Tony Hart sent me his autograph, and Sarah Greene’s. What a dear thing to do.

Six years ago today, we were on our way to Yorkshire, singing a running commentary for six and a half hours, like all families do.


6th feb 2013

I know some people would think this is soppy or worse, showing off. ‘fun time’ on my packing list generally means pens, sketchbook, novel, other book, third book, paint box, knitting.

6th feb 2013

I’ve discovered that lots of families sing a running commentary of their lives. We end all our commentaries with a plaintive and slow ‘tonight’, instead of having to rhyme.

6th feb 2013 Arriving in Yorkshire.

‘Love and hearts’ is our sarcastic phrase for something good. Like a cup of tea, or a nice walk or whatever. Steamer Trading refunded my substandard Stanley Flask because it cost four hundred pounds. It truly was a flask of arse and doom.

Twenty years ago today, I was imagining a dream office job.

6th feb 2019_0004

I like Monday’s now so things are looking up. Maybe these were the days when I had an office job. It was part time and I loved all the stationary involved. 

dream job

Dream job. I wrote this to make my friend Joe laugh.