Kondo? Kon Don’t, more like. Hat wanted

My leaning when planning a comedy gig, is towards being grotesque, leaping about, saying what I want to say but doing it as a character, so I can be more absurd and sometimes say the opposite of what I’d really say,  in order to have fun, be surprising and make people laugh.

My favourite comedians and comedy shows are hilarious without making me cry first. I know it’s a personal preference and many many people like to be moved at a comedy gig as well as made to laugh, and that’s grand. Here are my doodles about it from today.

Reading about FB
Here is a link to that article about FB and artists
Getting ready for my gig tonight, after procrastinating and school run. Read an article about how FB hates us all. Very entertaining.

8th feb 2019_0001

Sometimes you feel like you have to have something deep and meaningful to say, and you’re not informed enough – or interested enough – to do it. I can barely think straight some days, let alone analyse anything. But I suspect deeper things come out unintentionally anyway, just from being on stage and in the moment.

celia b:w 2004

Kondo clear out made me come across a CD of photos today. I hadn’t seen these in years. Here’s the Celia character I did tonight (among others). I wish I hadn’t Kondo’d that hat. KON DON’T, more like