Let’s Away To Trago Mills

Today I started my sketchbook practice at, sensibly enough, the beginning of the day. I accidentally awoke in Meyerhold’s acclaimed ‘bent star jump’ position, the pose of choice for a variety turn. It’s as though I am constantly working, even in repose.

This gets me to thinking about Art School and because I had some felt tips on me, the next one is a nod to Leger

Here we flash back to what the performance might have looked like but by now I’ve mislaid the felt tips

In hindsight

Yes, a great deal of art inspiration and materials were found in Trago Mills. Other Falmouth student ‘objet trouvé’ included scaffolding poles, the Silver Jaguar from outside the Jaguar Car Showroom and a dead swan which our friend Rachel was banned from stuffing.

Some research was undertaken at little expense. Overlooking our Student Loans of course

And so another days doodling draws to a close. Tomorrow I have a plan. I’m going to draw what I love best (faces and facial features) but from life not memory. I’m going to ask three strangers if they wouldn’t mind.
Who knows what tomorrow may bring?
A punch up the bracket or a stroked ego?
By the way, thank you for the nice comments and that. I did this today instead of reading an abandoned woman’s magazine. Though I have kept it for the tele page.