Graphic Novel about Tea (Work in Progress)

On one of our summer love days, (a trip to the beach for a swim and then a jaunt around Bexhill-On-Sea), my cohort made the fatal error of refusing to accompany me for a cup of tea.

Here, I try and write movingly and from the heart about how it made me feel. (I mean the line about being a fluffy pea)


I decided that the fluffy pea line wasn’t attention seeking enough (evidence shows I made notes from Gardeners World only hours later) so I’ve threatened to turn The Tea Withholding into a full length graphic novel. Here are the sketches so far:




Next: a bit about growing up with tea, history of tea and stuff about origins and feminism and politics and that, early tea traumas, climax being when I nearly died through lack of tea, grande finale – the recovery.

This would be better but I’ve run out of time again. Here’s my rant:
Here’s why I don’t post more. I have about 30 minutes a day to do stuff like this. I usually photograph my sketchbook on my phone but decided to scan instead.
1. I can’t use a computer. So it took about 15 minutes to get my scanner to autoscan and about 7 minutes to work out how to edit the image. I ended up turning the image into a PDF and editing it that way. Also, each image was upside down. I suppose I could have learnt after the first one..

2. WordPress wouldn’t let me upload any of the images onto a new post or even write any text. Is that because i saved them as PDF’s? Anyone? So I’ve resorted to this

A) email the PDFs to myself
B) open them on my phone, take a SCREEN SHOT of them, trim them in ‘photos’ and save
C) continue posting from my phone as usual