Latitude, Cricket, Style Update and Something For My Mum

It turns out* that Yurts have also been stolen by us Middle Class Ponces from other cultures. Along with Humus, Macramé and The Distressed Look.


(The above bit is pertaining to the social things I’ve been doing this summer. Paradise Park in Newhaven with the History of Everything To Do With Planet Earth and swimming in the sea)

This year we camped but a few years ago we stayed in a B&B in Southwold instead.

It always seems to be The Cricket. Before we got married, Pad said it was every three years. He lost 200 points for this deceipt.



I seem to be on an endless quest to be stylish, without having to spend any time (or money) trying. Because I’d rather be like Einstein** and have several identical outfits, freeing up my mind for more important matters such as whether to do a new character based on buying an inflatable crocodile with a hole cut out for my face or if it’s too late to reference Snappy Snaps. Here’s my latest epiphany. (Rugged Classics. What an eejit).

Hello Mum. My Mum has been following my blog and thinks I am obsessed with bums. So here’s a bum free watercolour doodle to make up for the gust reference above. See you soon everyone and Mum! Xxx


*= as discovered in our morning discussion whilst making a tent under the duvet to entertain my small child
**=I thought it was TS Eliot who did this or Bertrand Russell but Someone said it was Einstein and who am I to argue with Someone?
Ps I can’t remember who Someone was

Coming up soon:
De La Warr In Bexhill
Actors Acting
Frugal Fury