Christmas past, suckers

I promised I’d do a Christmas Past and here it is, just in time for Christmas 2013. It’s a list of Christmas presents I wanted made at my office job while I should have been filing. But it was 2002 and they had a printer. Coo


Interestingly for me (and no one else) I’d quite like to have all these things this Christmas as well. Twenty five years older and nothing’s changed.
EXCEPT THE DERIC LONGDEN THING! I can’t even remember what that was. But I googled him and found the most hilarious website (to me and no one else) because it’s a load of stuff about the progress of cats.

I am so sorry I am hopeless at links but it’s worth cutting and pasting (to me etc)

Ps if you think ‘the next seven pages is one night of dreaming’ sounds more fascinating than this post, fear not, I may well post that too. (*disclaimer: dream drawings are reassuringly huge so ‘seven pages’ sounds a lot worse than it is*)