Ideal Trip Away Part 1

This month, we took a trip up North to kill many birds with one stone.

 We visited Bridlington first, then down to Nottingham and Leicester for comedy gigs with some of the cast of Ideal -Johnny Vegas, Ben Crompton, Peter Slater and Mick Miller.

 Most of my sketchbook diaries are done when we’re away from home as a) there’s not much else to do and b) I feel more receptive to new sights and sounds. Which sounds like I’ve been in therapy. ‘For me, it’s all about the Now.’

 So first up, part 1 of 5, is our journey. Let’s away.


‘Funtime’ category is sketchbook, pencil case, writing things, letter writing things, knitting, catapult, loom.

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Pad wrote ‘lies’ in the margin of this page. He doesn’t deny refusing to pass me a sandwich but he does contest that it made me cry. I bet Marjane Satrapi doesn’t get that.


I don’t know where this CRAZE for describing everything nice as ‘of hearts and love’ and everything awful as ‘of arse and doom’ came from, but it’s all the rage in our house. 


Here is my bold attempt at proper comic drawing. I’ve tried to draw the two views out of the car – mine is the stars, Pad’s is the road – without showing us – while we languidly bang on about not much. It’s moving, isn’t it? Touching, yes. Evocative, certainly. I won’t be employing this style though. It was everso boring to draw.


But not too boring to read, I hope! Did you enjoy the colouring? I get bored of that too.

* End of Part 1 of 5 *