Christmas present

Now our tree is up, a theme of home made faces has emerged. First up, Mr Robert Plant bauble, embroidered felt, pompom hair introduced to the collection in 2010. His hair is a bit pitiful but I ran out of golden felt and couldn’t be arsed to weave a tiny wig of silken thread like this one by my dear friend Helen


Our fairy on top is obviously none other than Lord Jimmy Page, replete with planets and star costume circa 1978. (Your guitar has drooped, Jimmy! i may have to shove a lollipop stick up the back of it). Made by me in 2008, Pad my husband made the guitar (I may add a close up at some point for guitar critique). It has tiny tuning pegs and invisible thread strings – though not too invisible, that would be a nonsense.


My sister made these, they look so jolly. Apparently it’s traditional to pass Xmas Decorations down through the female line in the family and these are definitely in the collection. Though that tradition may be just one family I read about who were selling their fairy on Ebay (hold on! Surely?..)



Next up, a bauble of my husband as an Elf. Not a tiny Elf, he wouldn’t like that. A massive, giant Elf who uses a chain saw and rides a motorbike. That sort of Elf. Phew, he would’ve been furious. It’s bad enough that I’m ‘displaying our personal life [baubles] in a blog’…


My nieces were over last year and I made these paper effigies of them in case they were jealous of the Pad, Robert and Jimmy tributes. Quite pleasing but not my usual style at all.


Thinking about it, these have clearly be made to flatter my nieces as their beady eyes monitored proceedings. But the use of those horrid skeleton craft leaves as wings isn’t too abhorrent. If I may say so



Here’s Hannah Montana made in 2008 by a 7 year old.


And wierd old Glove Face, made out of a glove.


I’m bored of this post now so you must be – best stop here. I’ll be posting Christmas Past and Christmas Future soon. This tree isn’t my dream tree but it’s the one I’m landed with. I’d really like a proper old elegant huge fairy from the 1920’s or 1940’s. To show you how competitive and uncaring the Crafting Nearys are, I phoned my mum to ask if she had half an old doll lying around so I could make one and received this text:

I ve found an old doll! I think its for a tree as it has a tube instead of legs. Its 40 s one. Going to make red velvet dress overlaid with fine lace and pretty wings! And a star on a stick. With glitter on the stick, a tooth pick! I got it from the carboot for two pounds! She has golden hair and a lovely face. Xxx

Not for me, note. For her OWN TREE. I pretended that I was buying a 1920’s half doll from Ebay to make a little drummer girl in an attempt to make mum jealous but I’m not really. The only little drummer girl I’ll be making will be a thumping great Jon Bonham and then there’s just JPJ to go.

Footnote- mum didn’t do all that showing off sewing in the end. She said she’d leave the original clothes on. Grrr.