Zevi’s Birthday Card

I’ve been making home made cards ever since Kirstie Allsop suggested it. Thanks Kirstie! So here’s my first go*.


* = I am being facetious. I have been making cards since I was able to sit at a piano. (The piano with the lid down was my desk when I was little).

I haven’t documented my cards over the years, I’m not particularly interested in cataloging my entire creative outpouring. Although I do have about 20 sketchbook diaries, these have been – up till now – for my own and families amusement (or consternation – Tom Neary on Christmas Day 1995 to follow).

But as any one knows, after over twenty years of trying to come up with new ideas, I was very pleased to have hit upon this one. Next year I can do ‘E Is For’ and so on until Zevi has her whole name, letter by letter. And if I drag it out to incorporate her middle and surname, that takes me well past 2020. So that means I don’t need to do a new design now for quite some time. Perhaps duplicate letters will have to be a photocopy. They won’t be! But they could be if you’re lazy and uninspired.

I already did B for my sister and stuck a pin in my dictionary to get some novel suggestions and broaden my vocabulary at the same time. (Blazonry, the proper name for an Heraldic shield. Nice!) Beth liked it enough to want to steal the idea so I’m looking forward to getting mine.
It’s an opportunity to include in jokes and personalised images too but I was a bit limited with Z. The weird decision to draw a table for Z for zig zag was a tired mistake. I accidentally looked up V and chose ‘veneer’ which I thought would be a nice odd one – and drew it before remembering I needed Zeds. (Train of thought whilst leading through dictionary= Zevi, Zevi, Zev Vee, Vee, Vee.. Ah, here we are, V)

I know, I’m tired a lot these days.