Wife On Earth

Wife On Earth

The Cosmic Shambles Network is very excited to announce a brand new podcast from the incredible comedy mind of Jo Neary!

Celia Jesson, a repressed housewife from Upper Lowing, has been encouraged to do a book-based podcast to promote the local library in nearby Lower Upping, because no one else wants to do it. It’s too much of a time commitment.

Fortified by the disarming presence of Head Librarian, Marion Crooks (Anna Crilly), Celia’s dependable husband Fred (Alastair Kerr) and famous local actors (because they’ve both been on the tele) Gerard Jeremy (Adam Buxton) and Russell Nigels (Ben Crompton), Celia (Joanna Neary) suppresses her romantic inner life, puts her fantasies aside and tries to keep the book reviews on track.

This series tackles Sci-Fi, science, self-help, fantasy, award-winning novels, and modern life, funded entirely by local business.

Anarchic, original and charming character comedy written by Joanna Neary (Ideal, R4’s The Art Of Now- Inbox and R3’s The Verb) and Joseph Nixon (The Shark Is Broken), with music by Glen Richardson, Paul Mclean and Cornish Rapper Hedluv, and guest stars Paul Putner, Michael Legge and Robin Ince.

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