Bootleg Books

Bootleg Books

An art auction to raise money for two schools in Lewes has just ended and I was thrilled to be asked to contribute. Here are my Bootleg Books they auctioned. I did them for my own entertainment (and to make a dent in some of my Art College amount of art supplies), so being able to donate some for this cause was a bonus. If anyone would like a particular book cover making, I’d be happy to do it in my spare time if I can. It’s a nice way to pass the time while you’ve cogitating and working up new ideas.

Here are the pictures, they’re A5 and in watercolour and ink. They are also books I have loved*.

*=Actually, thinking about it, I haven’t read The Homemaker yet, but I’ve loved all my Persephone books so far so it’s a safe bet in the unending pile. 

william an englishmanthe home makerthe heart is a lonely hunter

Art auctions are terrific. We’re running out of wall space. I also won one at this, a little embroidery (I’m hoping it’s little, it has to fit in a gap between the light switch and a wardrobe).

Here are some others that I did for the practice. I was also trying out masking fluid for the first time, which I liked very much. It has a nice print quality somehow. I suppose because screen printing is partly about masking too.

12th april jos books_000612th april jos books_000812th april jos books_0015

I know these aren’t brilliant but they were an exercise in loosening up, trying materials, being speedy and taking a chance. I didn’t think too hard about the final look, just enjoyed the layering.

Here’s one I posted before but since then, have finished and sold. I’m not sure why it’s my favourite. Perhaps my love of both herringbone tweed and Gogol, if I’m trying to sound more like Pooter than Pooter.

12th april jos books_0007

Finally, here’s a link to the art auction so you can the other art works too. I bid on about 12 of them, I’m kind of relieved that I didn’t win more than one, but I did help bump up the prices and I would have loved every single one if I had.

Next time, doodling letters. Mmm hmm.