From Chicago to Hastings June 2019

From Chicago to Hastings June 2019

There is a terrific exhibition at the De La Warr Pavilion at the moment. Here is my sketchbook, inspired by the 1970s Chicago Art Scene.

sketchbook june 17th 2019sketchbook june 17th 2019_0001sketchbook june 17th 2019_0002

Well he did make the scones, and forgot the baking powder. So they are cheese flavoured rocks made of flour and one egg. He still ate one. That’s cheese addiction for you.

Here is a link to the exhibition. It contains the best mask and the second best mobile (after Calder) and the third best use of acrylic paint that I’ve ever seen. If you go along, let me know what you think.

How! Chicago Imagists

From Chicago and Bexhill to Hastings

This last month I’ve been doing FOUR different shows and now I’m a bit run down. Here we go, here’s one of them. I’m too busy to do all four right now. Will do later if any of my three followers are interested. If not, I need to clean my desk. I currently can’t see any of the leatherette top. Talking of cleaning (or rather, not cleaning) first up it’s

Peg In The Gallery – an anti-cleaning (when there’s no need, for instance when it’s already been done) show for children but really it’s about having a go at making some art and possibly failing. Here is an accidental stain from the show, where Cathy Crayon tries to clean away a mark and makes it worse.

peg hastings pictures_0005

At Brighton Fringe Festival and Hastings Fringe Festival, the children did lovely and super speedy art work (seven minutes) to help save the day, and we were awarded a prize so that Marina the Cleaner (‘There’s No Keener Cleaner’) could buy a new mop and three hundred toilet rolls. Here are some of the collages of weird sea creatures, from Hastings on Saturday 15th June 2019.

peg hastings pictures

peg hastings pictures_0003

peg hastings pictures_0002peg hastings pictures_0001

And some photos from rehearsals with Katherine Morton of Long Nose Puppets, taken by my brother Iain Neary. This first mermaid puppet (Fiona Fish Finger) terrified a tiny tot on Saturday so I’m having to re-think her Exorcist-like voice. Puppets and beautiful painted sign by Katherine Morton.

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