I’m Joanna Neary, I do comedy and art. I have three different entries on IMDB (International Movie Database) but they are all me.

For my comedy shows I write scripts, do stand-up and play between 6 and 15 characters in a show, each one ad-libbing, and usually different every time I do them. It means I never get bored and I love finding new jokes and funny bits, it keeps me interested.

I often do character dance routines and I love to do things that are a bit unique to me… Like heckle myself with the smell of egg and monitor the audience response on a fund-o-meter, shaped like a miserable cat with a hat on that looks like a church.

I also have a podcast called Wife On Earth, which stars my Celia Brief Encounters-inspired housewife character Celia Jesson, and I proudly a part of The Cosmic Shambles Network for this. Find them and subscribe from just a couple of pounds, they are glorious and make lots of brilliant and interesting shows.

For 2024 I’m touring. The current shows are ‘Wasp In A Cardigan – With Live Music’  ‘BookTalkBookTalkBook’ written by and performed with Ben Moor and my children’s show ‘Stinky McFish’ in which I play all the parts.

Still waiting for it to be in fashion to have hair like Jimmy Page.