Nerf Guns

Nerf Guns

I love sketchbooks and draw every day. This is a little doodled sequence from an A6 one, which I always carry when I’m out and about.

Arlo finds a Nerf Gun in the charity shop and asks the lady how to load it.

“It’s really good for running-and-firing Combat!’



I tell him off for unfolding it near a pigeon. (it’s quite loud, to be fair)

When we get home we watched ‘HOOK’. (he’s in a sleeping bag here, constantly on call for pretend RAF manoeuvres I suppose)

And I vowed to be more like Robin Williams and Peter Pan. (Playful. Enjoying his childhood. Being less of a furious shouter).

Have you seen ‘Hook’? We quite enjoyed it. I thought the message to make the most of the young years was a good one. Cast were ace too.