DEAR FRANK – A Letter From Celia

DEAR FRANK – A Letter From Celia

New Track On Bandcamp available now for just £1.


Who wouldn’t want a letter from this lovin’ clown? 📮

– warning – we did commas today, for home schooling, and now I can’t stop, using them.

‘Dear Frank, A Letter From Celia’ is a new character comedy, set in lockdown 3.0. It’s a five minute, spoken word thing, written and performed by me, Jo Neary, in between home schooling, performing tank battles and being grateful. Co-written with the wonderful and hilarious @josephnixon with original music by Glen Richardson, it’s suitable for all the family. It’s now available on Bandcamp for just one pound and I’m very grateful that I was given a thirty minute break today, so I could achieve something😙😙

You can go to my Instagram (@WifeOnEarth) to check out my horrific meme thing 🎈I am really struggling with reels and stories, learning this stuff with a bewildered brain like mine feels like I’d advance more quickly if I were mainly cheese scone.

Anyway, I’ve finally got round to doing things again after all sorts of nonsense. What about you? Are you being stirred into action, carrying on as normally as this stuff permits or just about ready to start anew? Celia is my beloved Brief Encounter homage and is star of my podcast ‘Wife On Earth’ produced by the marvellous @cosmicshamblesnetwork – series 3 coming soon. You can join my mailing list here on my website to hear about announcements and new delights/plans afoot for 2021. And if all this sounds a bit confused, it’s because I’m writing this on a postage stamp sized screen, off the top of my head and I’m rubbish at improv.

I hope you like my thing.

Happy New Year, be cosy and stay safe.

Love from Jo

Photograph by Andy Hollingworth who I just really love. I didn’t even know he’d pressed ‘take’.