Prog Rock Magazine – My Record Collection

Prog Rock Magazine – My Record Collection


Here are some pictures from Prog Magazine, I was in the August 2019 issue, the feature called “My Record Collection.”

prog rock mag 2019_0001

Photo c Kevin Nixon


This is my reading chair.

The blue box under the book shelves is the Sculpture Box, in case anyone suddenly has the urge to make something in 3D.

The photograph on the wall in the gold frame is by Christy Lee Rogers.

The show box with a scene showing the signing of the Magna Carta was from a charity fundraiser auction for Brighton Open Air Theatre, and is by Peter Chrisp and Lisa Wolfe.

The spray painted record cover on the shelf is Truman’s Water’s ‘Of Thick Tum’. Bought upstairs for £5 when it came out. at that lovely old market that is now Komedia on Gardner Street.

That Fairport album Unhalfbricking (Wax Factor Record Shop, Brighton) isn’t my favourite of theirs. My favourite is What We Did On Our Holidays, which seems to have gone in the purge of ’08. It was VERY scratched but I wish I’d kept it anyway. As a framed cover and a fruit bowl (I’ve never done that).

I was surprised to learn Fairport are now in the prog category, but apparently they are. And buoyed by that, I then banged on a bit about Slint. I think they drew the line at The Happy Flowers. I didn’t realise it would be a page sized photo or I might have put on less prominent socks and slippers. And done my hair. (Brushed it).


So here is the article where I banged on about my records for hours and Jo Kendall managed to make it into a page where I don’t look completely bonkers and ill-informed. I am quite ill-informed though, as anyone who knows me knows. (or to quote Geoffrey Willans ‘as any fule kno’).

prog rock mag 2019_0002



For instance, I say about preferring the work that Frank Zappa did with John Zorn in this article. I’ve never ever seen or heard Frank Zappa work with John Zorn, what I DO remember however, is a fantastic Cartridge 8 Film or something equally massive and old fashioned, available to watch at St Peter’s House Library, Brighton Polytechnic circa 1991, of John Zorn conducting his fantastic compositions, to a group of people including some musicians that had worked with Frank Zappa. The video/film/cave painting might even have simply said that John Zorn was inspired by Frank Zappa’s work. But I just remember hearing Frank Zappa’s name because it was the only name I recognised at the time. I still don’t know what that film was, but it was great. Thank you to the twitter man who spotted my error and pointed it out, I’m glad it was a kind man who noticed it. Oh, St Peter’s House Library, the hours I spent there, laughing at the 1978 Disco Championships. Lovely lovely art school. Here’s the cover.

prog rock mag 2019


The reason I’ve scanned a magazine and done a blog about it, is so I can conduct a little experiment. I had a twitter pile-on this year, my first, it made me feel sick, and I considered leaving social media. This was initially my experiment, to see which friends I reach, without posting on social media, and it’s the result of reading Jaron Lanier’s Book ‘Ten Arguments For Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now.’ It’s a good book, I read it and I’m still on there for the time being.



A friend asked me this. How come you’re in Prog? Jo Kendall invited me, that’s how.

Thank you to Jo Kendall, this was such a very lovely thing to do. And thank you to you for reading this, it’s my social experiment. Please feel free to recommend me some bands in the comments. And thank you to those of you who already had, I really enjoyed listening to those. Love from Jo N.