Jo Blogs Guide To Barcelona (Cheese and Ham)

This is my diary from a mini break in Barcelona when me and about 15 friends went to our beloved friend’s wedding (should that be ‘friends’ or ‘friends”? I think I must have been off sick when Mr Brady did that lesson). We ‘made a week of it’ as my Mother In Law might say and stayed in a hostel together.

First, here’s a conversation between me and Brian. I have recorded a lot of our conversations over the years (in drawing and notes), so much so in fact, that I’ve considered compiling them into a play called ‘Life With Brian’ but I suspect only one person would want to see it*.

Day One. Gaudi Cathedral And Park

Day Two. Me and Three Friends Depicted Visiting The Miro Museum.

Day Two cont.,

Days Three and Four, Tea Deprived, I Consider Words Pertaining To a Single Body Part. (The wedding hardly gets a mention because we were all too busy enjoying it).

Day Five. My Friend Draws Our Visit To The Big Jesus

Day Six. Because none of us can speak ANY Spanish except to tell people the words ‘cheese and ham’ and that we live in Spain (good work, Mr Cosgrove), we start collapsing, malnourished. One of our number makes a delirious speech about the superiority of The English Drainage System. The mention of email shows you how long ago this was. It was when there were no computers in Central Brighton (the year 2000).

Day Seven
And we finished off the week, Inappropriately smoking in the children’s play area.



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