Ideal Trip Away Part 3 – Captain Beefheart and the BLT

Sometimes my husband starts talking, inadvertently commanding my attention (I might be reading a novel or something else which looks like I don’t mind being suddenly distracted. Like waxing my moustache or getting a crumb out of my eye). But midway through his announcement, his mind goes blank. It’s really odd to be watching someone TRYING TO REMEMBER something. It’s even odder when they don’t know the thing they are trying to know.



Did I mention that me and my husband sing around the house a lot? Often to resolve major issues and restore harmony, just like in The Opera. Or at Customer Services. And I don’t really wax a moustache. If I did, I probably wouldn’t mention it.

Coming up next – Valentines Day, Back To The Pants and Hair Cycle Of Life.

*End of Part 3 of 5*