Christmas is coming! Again

This is part one of my Christmas sketchbooks, I’m a bit rusty with the old drawing so started with a doodle about how tired and worn out I am these days. You’re welcome. Although today I’ve written some more of my sitcom and gone on a bike ride so, even though I can’t use metaphors and old sayings correctly, it must be said that the apples are back on my face. This particular page of doodles below is leading up to a post about how I’m going to become stylish after decades of research and failed attempts.

So, it’s October and Xmas is coming. I’ll be posting about Xmases Past in December but here’s some more practice doodles.
And one page is on twice, sorry but I need a whole pot of tea right now and I’m rubbish at editing. (Storms off/addicted to tea).