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Data and Privacy Notice for Joanna Neary

This Data and Privacy Notice explains what happens to your data when you put your name down on a mailing list for my shows at an event, or send a message to me via this website, asking to be added to a Joanna Neary mailing list. It also explains how I store and handle that data, and keep it safe.

Your privacy is important to me and I am committed to maintaining your personal rights while providing services to you.

This Data and Privacy Notice falls under the EU Regulation 2016/679 – the General Data Protection Regulations.
For more information about the EUGDPR, please click here.

If you have any queries about this Privacy Notice please contact

Who or what is Joanna Neary?

For the purposes of this Data and Privacy Notice, Joanna Neary is a sole trader business, operating as an actress, comedian and writer.
You may have seen or heard my work at the theatre, on TV, Film, or Radio.
I perform live shows. I book comedy nights at small venues, which I perform at alongside other acts.
I am not a limited company.

When might I collect your data?

In specific situations, I collect, process, and protect and maintain your data with your explicit consent.
I do this through a Mailing List.
I do not collect any data when you engage with this website.

Mailing List

The main data I maintain are E-Mailing Lists, which I use to inform interested members of the public about my upcoming projects, to provide an entertaining round-up of recent events, and to recommend works by other artists. One of the Mailing Lists is exclusive to a night, which the audience have been invited to join, in order to hear about forthcoming events, by me, at that venue only. Mailing Lists at my children’s events are exclusively used for future children’s events by me only.

To join the Mailing List I always ask for, and receive, your explicit consent:

– At live comedy and children’s shows, the audience members are invited to join my Mailing List, if you’d like to. You are invited to write down your email address in a book that only I look after. I do not share this data with the venue or anyone else, but the venue may also have their own mailing list to which you may choose to sign-up. I will later send you an email message to confirm the subscription, if I remember. Otherwise, you won’t hear from us until we have a related event to tell you about.

– I have “SUBSCRIBE” links on my website. You are invited to send an email message to I will later send you an electronic mail message to confirm the subscription.

These are all OPT-IN options and are regarded as explicit consent to join the Mailing List, which you can choose to withdraw at any time.

Some people that include their full name on a filled out Mailing List form, of their own volition, will have their name on the Mail Chimp mailing list but that is all, it’s only because I will be easily able to find you if you’d like to unsubscribe or if you’ve been in touch about corresponding with me for any reason. I am happy to remove your name, full or in part, from a mailing list at any time.

I never analyse the list to send targeted messages; my only communications are ever with the entire Mailing List as a whole.

I use Mail Chimp or Blind Carbon Copy addressing, so your address is never shared with any other member of the Mailing List.

The full Mailing List is maintained securely at Mail Chimp or on a protected document, and never printed out.

Sharing your data


Withdrawal of consent

You always have the power to unsubscribe from the Mailing List, by sending a message to with “UNSUBSCRIBE” in the subject line, or by following the link included in the electronic mail message from Mail Chimp.

Website information / Metadata / Cookies

I DO NOT track users to my website.

I DO NOT analyse individual visits.

I DO NOT use Cookies.

However, should you click a link to an external page through my website, you may be tracked by that website. In which case you would fall under their Data and Privacy Policy, and I would recommend you investigate further.

I recommend using a VPN to protect your online security.

Legitimate Interests

I believe that by joining my Mailing List you have shown an interest in my work, and are agreeing to be contacted occasionally with information regarding my professional projects.

Commercially, this is useful to me as I can let you know how to buy tickets for my live shows, informing you of shows in advance of tickets going on sale on line in public.

Your Data

You can ask to see any data I maintain about you at any time, and have it erased should you so wish.
Simply write to and I will respond in due course.


I reserve the right to amend this Data and Privacy Notice without notification.


I would never share anyone’s details with anyone else. Partly because I’m not dastardly, or a big business but mainly because I have better things to do and am not interested in exploiting anyone. I’d rather read a book or go through my stationary cupboard, pausing to marvel at vintage letter writing sets and rare stickers.

Questions, comments and requests regarding this Data and Privacy Notice are welcome and should be sent to

Joanna Neary – England – 29th August 2019