Jo Neary and Ben Moor are touring BookTalkBookTalkBook in 2021.
Jenny Nibbingley and Burton Mastrick truly need no introduction. As two of Britain’s most reviewed, but least-read novellists, they are part of the cultural landscape like puddles of talent.
Today’s literary talk promises to be an enlightening discussion of such essential books as Why Reigate?, Randoms, Hatred of Broccoli, and Only If I Have To.

Tim Timminey will moderate.

Book signing afterwards.

Except, well, not really.

Trapped in an event they never created, can Jenny and Burton ever write their way out? Or is it all just another part of their story?

BookTalkBookTalkBook is an absurd comedy performance, combining a parody of awkward live author events; an exploration of artificial intelligence and the creative process; a Beckettian live theatre experience, and an experiment in the limits of patience regarding card tricks. With jokes.
Stars Joanna Neary (“Superbly funny” The Guardian) and Ben Moor (“Brilliant and bonkers” The Idler).

Honestly, it feels so nice to be typing plans again for this year. Fingers crossed they work out ok and that you can make it along.

Leeds – Old Woollen / Constitutional -8pm Saturday 11th September 2021 details to follow soon
Greater Manchester Fringe – Anthony Burgess – 2pm Saturday 25th September 2021 you can book here
Monkgate, York -7pm – Saturday 23rd October TICKETS HERE

The show is written by Ben Moor. You can find him and more about our delightful and mind boggling show here